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Break Up Your Schedule with Luxury

I love having my nails done but often can't find time for a manicure. Pipbuzzz to Go was a problem solver. I was fortunate to have the owner do my nails and what a treat. My manicure lasted almost 2 weeks without chipping! WOW!



Great service! My nails look great and I didn't have to leave my desk.  I look forward to my weekly manicures.

Thank you Pipbuzzz to Go


                                                                                 -Jackie, Meridth

My offce had a wellness day with manicures and massages which allowed out team to release some office stress. I was able to go back to my desk more vibrant and with a fresh mind to finsih my work. Such a great idea. 


-Donna, Corp office

I had the luxury of having my nails done at my office. It is incredibly hard to find time to get my nails done after work with other family obligations. Having a lovely manicure and great conversation before leaving the office was perfect. Thank you to my office for allowing manicures! 


- Melissa, FMH

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