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About Us

The PipBuzzz Approach

Pipbuzzz stands for Perfection is Possible, flaws and all. Imperfect is perfect. 

This is the motto of veteran manicurist with over 25 years of experience in the beauty and service industry, Pipbuzzz  to Go was brought to life by celebrity manicurist "Pipbuzzz", She saw the calmness and relaxaton a manicure can bring, and wtih the busy lives we all lead, she also saw the need.  Manicures are no longer just  a luxury it's a necesssity.  A necessity now put into motion and mobile.

She has worked with some of the top celebrities, music artist, actors and some of  top editorial magazines  on stands today, Pipbuzzz to Go not only keeps clients happy with manicures at the office, but it also keeps their technicains happy as she understands the needs of a manicurist...being one herself.. 

Pipbuzzz to go was founded as a way to offer working professionals necessity, convenience and exceptional service in an environment conducive to the work place, It provides staff with the opportunity to re group and rejuvenate without leaving the office. We encourage companies to take advantage of a monthy wellness day,  to help boost morale and productivity with their teams. We welcome parties from 2-10 in our private nail suite. Bring the office and treat them to some self care. 

All safety measures have been put in place to also provide a safe working space for all. Pipbuzzz to Go is Barbicide Ceritfied which means all of our products, tools, table tops and work stations are sanitized with proper care and Barbicide


Manicures are the new necessity, It helps to see pretty groomed nails while typing on your computer, cell phone or presenting for an office presentation. Who doesn't want a "perfection is possible manicure".



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