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The Suitcase Airport Assistant

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Traveling has a love hate relationship. We all love to travel and experience different cities and countries, enjoy other cultures and sight seeing. The process of getting to our destinations can at time become hectic and chaotic to say the least.

The airport is the first stop that has that element of chaotic surprise. Bags,carry on's, passports, jackets, blankets and drinks become a hassle trying to carry them all in your hands while rolling your suitcase around a crowded airport. I was determined to find a more organized way and found this cup/passport/money holder that fits right over your luggage handle. It slides down your pull up handle on your rolling suitcase and keeps your drinks from spilling and free of your hand space. It also has a slot in the back for your passport, money or any other item that will fit in its slender pocket. The velcro closure keeps everything secure while rolling around. This was an organizational savior. Now my traveling through the airport has gotten so much easier. No more spilled drinks, a place to have my money ready without going through my purse and not to mention a place holder for my cold or hot drinks.

As an Amazon associate, this is one recommendation we are sure you will love. Click the links and let it take you to more information on this travel assistant.

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