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The only foot file you will need.

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

We are big on foot care. It is a selfceare that should be instilled yearly. Our feet are not only about keeping them polished but also keeping your soles and heels well cared for. Pedicures at your local salon with your favorite nail tech may not always be in the budget This file is a solution that is safe and works so well. Throw away that foot grater. This stainless steel foot file removes and smooths safely. It cleans and can be sanitized easily. It is lightweight and has a coarse and fine side. The coarse side helps to remove callous and dry heel skin and the fine side will smooth it all away leaving you with baby feeling feet. After the filing, your feet will need to be hydrated. An option for a cream that not only hydrates your feet but can be used on your elbows, knees and heels. Contains tea tree oil, urea and hayulronic acid for deep moisturizing. You can maintain your heels at home until you can get to see your manicurist. A great DIY for your at home pedicure. Click the image to buy

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