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Photo cases aren't just for photos anymore

During the world's shut down due to Covid, I started to make press on nails for my clients and needed a box to ship them in. I wanted something a little nicer and sturdier than a cardboard gift box. I went to Amazon and of course I found these photo boxes that were perfect.

After a few sets, I thought, what else could I use these for? I came up with a variety of things.Phone charges, pens, batteries, cords, mask etc. I labeled each box and ended up having a great storage unit for my miscellaneous items around the house. They were secured in place and I could find what I was looking for with such ease. The come in a carrying box of 16 smaller boxes. You can place it on a shelf or closet and never have to worry where you put something that goes missing in plain site. Click the link and order a piece of mind .

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