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It's a wipe out.

We all love our beauty routines. From cremes to serums to scrubs and all that comes in between. Our daily applications for our beauty products can range from cotton balls or cotton wipes. Pipbuzzz to go has found that the lint free wipes work best for just about all applications. In the nail world, it is what we use to clean the nail plate to remove any oil or debris left on the nail. It works better than a cotton ball as cotton at times may leave the dreadful lint pieces that only seem to show up after you have polished or painted the nail. So on that note, we have tried the lint free wipes for all of our beauty applications and they work extremely well. The only issue has been in storing them. Wipes as well as cotton balls should always be stored in a closed container to prevent them from dirt or dust. We have tried several solutions and found the best one for ease on our Amazon search.


Click the image

Insert the lint free pads from the back and close. It keeps the pads clean and in place. Push down on the button and the pads automatically are dispensed for use. How cool is that.

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